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I Will Restore You, In Faith, In Hope, In Love, Volume V


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By a Catholic Wife

These beautiful books contain messages and lessons of love received from the Eternal Father, Jesus, Mary and various saints. These heavenly messages are messages of love, teachings of truth, and prophetic warnings. Each lesson, taught by our divine teachers, will benefit everyone at any level of spirituality. They are an urgent plea for conversion of heart.

This work is a continuation of the previous Volume. The author, a Catholic wife, mother, intercessor, had a conversion from a worldly life to a life of prayer and suffering in part through an experience of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Lourdes. Since that time, she has recorded the many graces received through union with the Lord and His Mother. Many people have said this book has given them much needed spiritual direction for our trying times. Foreword by Fr. Skonezny, STL, SSL and endorsement by the late Fr. Richard Foley, SJ, Farmstreet Church, London.
+ Growing in Trust & receiving Divine Mercy
+ The Cross leads to joy, transforming suffering to healing
+ Rebuilding the Church, praying for the priesthood
+ Deep conversion, deep prayer
+ Using your time well for the glory of God
+ Reading the signs of the times
+ Sanctifying marriage and the family (214 topics, messages of inspiration.)

"These heavenly messages cover a wide range of subjects and are deeply devotional and inspirational. Doubtless we have here a landmark work destined to become a spiritual classic."
Richard Foley SJ
Farm Street Church, London

Paperback, 2003

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