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I Am God's Storyteller


By Lisa M. Hendey, Illustrated by Eric Carlson

I Am God’s Storyteller invites children to use their gifts to shine God’s light and share the Gospel. Offering children examples of noted storytellers in Bible history (Sarah, Moses, Deborah, Esther, David, Isaiah, Mary, John the Baptist, and the Evangelists and early Church), this colorful and engaging picture book also looks at how Jesus used storytelling to teach and share his message of faith, hope and love. I Am God’s Storyteller concludes by asking children to be “God’s storytellers,” and helps them to understand that our world needs them now more than ever to shine God's light.
Includes information for parents, teachers and caregivers, with suggestions and guidelines for building a love for storytelling in the hearts of children. With encouragement and empowerment, young storytellers are sent on a mission to engage the world around them with joy and creativity.


“The world only makes sense when you realize you're in a story. It's the Great Story of God, one that's been going on for thousands of years, in which we each play a critical part. But how do we share that Great Story with children? And how do we teach them to share it with others? Lisa Hendey's charming new book does both. Whether you're a parent, grandparent, or teacher, read this book with your children and stir the wonder of faith." —Brandon Vogt, founder of ClaritasU and author of Why I Am Catholic (And You Should Be Too)

"This is a beautiful book that harnesses the power of stories to connect children with their faith and with their families." —Jennifer Fulwiler, SiriusXM radio host and author of One Beautiful Dream

"God created us to be enchanted by a good story. By highlighting some of the greatest stories ever told, I Am God's Storyteller beautifully encourages children to be their own brave and imaginative storytellers, cooperating with God in His plan to share His love and truth with the world. Your children will understand better why they love hearing stories, and why it's so important to tell their own!" —Katie Warner, author of I Went to Mass: What Did I See? and editor of the series

“I look forward to sharing this book with children and adults to remind them of the story we’ve inherited and how we are called to share it. We need to be careful in asking Scripture to be something it’s not. The best thing we can do is share the story and invite others into it.” —Rev. Rebekah McLeod Hutto, Presbyterian (USA) minister, author of Paul and His Friends

I Am God’s Storyteller will set your children and mine on a path of sharing their faith, helping Jesus and His Church to better known and loved by all, and pushing the New Evangelization to a whole new level.” —Tommy Tighe, author of The Catholic Hipster Handbook, co-host of Repent & Submit on Catholic TV

Lisa M. Hendey is the founder of and a bestselling author. She has journeyed around the globe to hear and share messages of hope and encouragement. Her Chime Travelers series for kids is read and studied worldwide in homes, schools, and churches. A frequent TV and radio guest, Lisa also hosts two podcasts and speaks internationally on faith, family, evangelization and technology topics. She has traveled worldwide with non-profits to support their humanitarian missions. Lisa and Greg Hendey worship and live their story in Los Angeles, CA.
Illustrator Eric Carlson is a student at the University of Notre Dame. This is his first book!

Hardcover, 2019

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