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How to Tell Stories to Children - Plus: 33 Stories to Tell Them


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By Sara Cone Bryant

Telling a story well is more than reading aloud it s a skilled art that changes bored, fidgety listeners into enthralled ones. Here Sara Cone Bryant, beloved children s author from the early 20th century, shows you how to use storytelling to recapture the pleasures of a simpler age. In a few clear, concise lessons, she shows you the key dos and don'ts of selecting, adapting, and voicing stories for your kids maximum enjoyment and edification. You'll learn to identify stories that lend themselves to telling aloud and to incorporate into your own stories elements that grab and hold children s attention. And you'll  learn how to adapt each tale to the length, language, and content that makes it right for your kids in particular. As a bonus, How to Tell Stories to Children includes some of the author s favorite and most tellable short stories and poems. You'll be able to begin practicing right away the rare and valuable art of storytelling!

Softcover, 2008

Family Life Topics