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Heavenly Treasure


By Robert Abel

Investing millions of dollars in real estate, diversifying your assets, and choosing the right hedge fund manager are all important aspects of wealth management, but how well have you considered your financial destiny? How will your investments carry forward into eternity? When the stock market crashes and corporations file for bankruptcy, the best way to protect your assets is by investing in the kingdom of God. In this book, Robert Abel will show you how to deepen your relationship with God based on a mutual exchange of love. The more we give to God from a loving heart, the more it blesses God's heart, motivating him to give back an even greater return. Not only does God desire to establish a prosperous relationship with all of his obedient children, but he also wants us to use our time, talent, and resources to earn as much heavenly treasure as possible. The way we live life on earth will determine our status in the eternal kingdom. By applying the timeless truths of this book to your life, you will be able to produce the greatest amount of wealth for the kingdom of God.

Paperback, 2009

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