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Freemasonry - Mankind's Hidden Enemy - With Current Official Catholic Statements - Second Edition Expanded


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By Bro. Charles Madden, OFM Conv

Expanded edition! A short; incisive examination of Freemasonry; giving a brief; clear overview of the subject. Written to convince today's Catholics that they must not join this cult. Quotes Leo XIII's famous encyclical On Freemasonry (1884); proves it is a secret society; a religion of naturalism and that it aims at subverting the influence of the Catholic Church. Gives current official Catholic statements; intended to end confusion about Catholics joining this cult. New material includes "Masons and Mafias;" discussing the partnership of these two groups in Europe; and Appendix F; "Kadosh--30th Degree;" which describes a Masonic ceremony which involves trampling on the papal tiara.

Paperback 2005

Catholic Church and Church History