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Forgiveness - A Catholic Approach


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By R. Scott Hurd

Whether we are uncertain what real forgiveness looks like, are tired of forgiving, or don't know where to start, Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach offers spiritual considerations and practical guidance.

"In Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach, Scott Hurd writes of the spiritual, psychological, physical, and social benefits of learning how to forgive and find peace. In twenty-four short chapters, author Scott Hurd examines how human weakness affects such things as our ability to forgive and reconcile, our capacity to trust, and how we cope when a plea for forgiveness is rejected by a person we have wronged. We learn that through these very experiences, we find in Jesus Christ and the sacraments a way to move forward toward healing.

"The first question Hurd addresses is one that perplexes many people, 'why forgive?' Here we learn that forgiveness is essential for human growth and flourishing. Forgiveness is not only a human experience; it is an expression of God's love and mercy. Forgiveness is at once deeply personal and an opportunity for sharing the Good News. As participants in the New Evangelization, our acts of forgiveness and reconciliation offer people an experience of God's love. Father Hurd writes, 'Forgiveness from our hearts can turn others' hearts toward God.'

"All of us know that there is more to forgiveness than simply saying 'I'm sorry.' In the section entitled, 'Hallmarks of Forgiveness,' Hurd deftly outlines seven such marks of forgiveness that reflect the teaching and example of Our Lord. In Jesus, we learn how to forgive others as God has forgiven us. Forgiveness is a decision, a process, and a gift.

"Equally challenging today is the question of how to forgive. In Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach we find an entire section on this topic. Scott Hurd examines a wide variety of experiences of forgiveness and reconciliation. With examples from Scripture, Church tradition, literature..., he offers a useful ten-step process to aid people ready to make the decision to forgive."
Cardinal Donald Wuerl, from the Introduction

Features & Benefits:

  • A practical guide to understanding forgiveness
  • The seven characteristics of forgiveness
  • Scripture and stories that illustrate the process of forgiveness
  • Tips for avoiding common pitfalls on the road to forgiveness
  • A ten-step process toward forgiveness

Author, Scott Hurd is a Catholic author with over twenty years' experience in professional ministry. He presently serves as Senior Director for Leadership Formation with Catholic Charities USA.

Paperback, 2011

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