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Evangelizing Our Children with Joy


By Mary Cooney

Ask any child what they want to be in life, and they'll tell you they want to be great.

The problem for parents is how to build on these natural, God-given aspirations to raise happy, healthy kids. Kids who'll go on to become happy healthy adults.

"Our children are destined for greatness, each and every one of them. But let us not confuse fame with greatness," says Mary Cooney, the author of "Evangelizing Our Children with Joy."

"All of our children, whether they lead ordinary or extraordinary lives, are called to exemplary virtue, generous sacrifice, courageous heroism, and above all, deep, enduring love. They are called to be saints."

With an energizing zeal and drive, Mary shares with us the wisdom that has come from the highs and lows of parenthood, intermingled with the inspiration she has received through prayer and the Bible.

From the virtues of mercy, kindness, and patience-virtues abundantly needed in the family setting-to the riches of the sacramental life, Mary shows us how to teach our children that the path to living an extraordinary life is found through ordinary actions and habits of everyday living.

Author Mary Cooney is a wife and mother, born and raised in Toronto, Canada. With a degree in Music Education and a masters degree in Piano Pedagogy, she has been teaching children for over twenty years. Her most delightful students are her own five, lively home-schooled children. She currently lives in Maryland.

Mary Cooney inspires moms with the bigger picture of what’s behind all of the  tasks involved in raising children—raising saints! In Evangelizing Our Children with Joy, Cooney reminds us of the great task at hand and how possible it is for us to incorporate joy into that task. Highly recommended. —Kimberly Hahn, author of Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage Mothers who read this book will quickly sense that the author knows their experience deeply. As they read, they will be inspired to love their vocation as mothers all the more, and to live it with renewed faith and hope. —Timothy M. Gallagher, OMV, author of The Discernment of Spirits: An Ignatian Guide for Everyday LivingRealistic yet hopeful, spirit-soothing and mission-inspiring, I believe mothers will find Mary’s book full of soul-striking guidance, encouragement and spiritual consolation.Holly Pierlot, author of A Mother’s Rule of Life

The very title of this book is a guarantee that it is worth reading. Indeed, the author touches upon two of the most important topics: to evangelize (that is to share the good news), through education, the glorious mission confided to mothers—and to rekindle joy in a world of noise, restlessness and confusion. We have power, money, excitement, fun, and have, through our materialism, extinguished joy in the human heart. This book should be warmly welcome.Alice von Hildebrand, professor emerita at Hunter College of Cuny

Paperback, 2016

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