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Courageous Virtue for Teens - a Bible Study on Moral Excellence for Young Women


By Stacy Mitch with Emily Stimpson

God wants you to be a saint. Not someone who floats arounds on clouds playing a harp, but someone who has chosen God and His Will above all else. God is ready to give you all the grace needed to reach that destiny. There’s only one catch. Receiving that grace isn’t as easy as you think. But the more the virtues become a part of our lives, the more easily we choose what is right, the more readily we accept the grace God wants to give us, and the more likely it is that one day we will indeed become saints. . . . with or without the harps.
Courageous Virtue for Teens by Stacy Mitch and Emily Stimpson brings to teen girls the excellence of Stacy Mitch’s Courageous Bible study series for adult women. Drawing again upon the richness of our Catholic tradition, Stacy explores authentic Christian feminism as she guides teen girls into the world and Word of God.


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