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Caesarea Print on Canvas Artwork - Medium


About the artwork

A biblical site that Herod “The great” built, it became the largest port for Israel. He was also responsible for the construction of the Second temple, Masada, Herodian etc. After the apostle Paul received Christ, he was sent to Tarsus from this very port but it was also the place where he was in prison for two years. Cornelius, the the first Gentile to receive the Holy Spirit, also lived here and so it became the starting point for many conversions. Caesarea, coined for a place of encountering Jesus, is very important for us because God is still using this land for people to experience a life-changing encounter with His Son through the Holy Spirit just as so many people of history did.

High definition print on canvas.

Available in two sizes: Medium, 11" x 16" and Small 8" x 11" (See SKU#CAES9S)

Canvas on frame is 7/8" Deep

6” x 8” Meditation wall plaque with description included.