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Catholic Etiquette: What You Need to Know About Catholic Rites and Wrongs


By Kay Lynn Isca

Are there really such things as "Catholic" manners? The answer is a resounding "Yes!" A distinctive etiquette code specific to Catholicism does exist - a code that is not always well-known or completely observed. With the refreshingly unbiased view of a convert, author Kay Lynn Isca has created a modern manual of Catholic "rites and wrongs" that helps all of us decipher and explore that code. Catholic Etiquette, the first modern guide to appropriate behavior in Catholic situations, covers many aspects of daily and seasonal Catholic life, including topics such as: What should you expect at a Catholic funeral Mass? When is the best time to arrange for a Baptism? Who is allowed to take Communion at Mass? Where should families with young children sit in church? No matter whether you are a lifelong Catholic, a convert, or a non-Catholic involved with Catholic friends or family, Catholic Etiquette provides a practical guide to help you mind your manners in any Catholic situation. "Catholics sometimes forget how 'different' they are until they are reminded by puzzled non-Catholics. The author celebrates the differences she discovered upon entering the Catholic Church, and has produced a guidebook for the puzzled (including many Catholics, no doubt) that is simple, informed, and delightfully engaging." - The Rev. Richard John Neuhaus , editor-in-chief, First Things   Table of Contents: Preface Introduction A Special Note to Readers Who Are Not Catholic Mass Fundamentals The Mass Liturgy Children at Mass Baptism First Communion Confirmation Reconciliation Anointing of the Sick Holy Orders Marriage Funerals Daily and Seasonal Catholic Living Index.

Hardcover, 1997

Catholic Church and Church History