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Catching Fire, Becoming Flame, A Guide for Spiritual Transformation


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By Albert Haase, OFM

Ever wonder how some people become enthusiastic and on fire about their relationship with God? In thirty-three short chapters, Albert Haase gives youÌi the tools and kindling to prepare for the spark of God in your life – and then shows you how to fan it into flame until you are set ablaze. This book glows with time-tested wisdom as an experienced spiritual director shares the secrets of the saints. Feel cold? Or maybe just smoldering? With supplemental reading suggestions and reflection questions, this eminently practical book functions like a personal, spiritual retreat.


There are far too many books on “how to” live a successful spiritual life. Unfortunately, most offer a methodology that works for some rather than a broader approach suitable for all. By blending the ancient with the contemporary, offering experiential stories, and suggesting multiple possible starting points, Haase invites renewal.

  • Overall, how would you describe your spiritual health?
  • What spiritual practices have you found to resonate and/or have the greatest meaning at this stage of your life?

Greg Smith, So What Faith (November 2013)

Albert Haase, OFM, is a former missionary to mainland China and award-winning author of six books. Preacher of parish missions, presenter of spirituality workshops, spiritual director, and co-host of “Spirit and Life” on the Relevant Radio Network, he resides in Texas.

Softcover, 2018

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