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Break Open Your Wells


By Maria Vadia

Around 2,000 years ago Jesus hung on the Cross for us. He said "It is finished!" Then He hung His head, and gave up His Spirit. What was finished? Everything! The total work of redemption and the victory over Satan, sin and death was accomplished that day. The Divine Image of mankind, lost through original sin, was restored. However, Our Lord has willed that the ultimate victory would be accomplished through the long course of history by The Church, His Body here on earth. Our Blessed Savior has desired that the victory be not only for us, but with us and through us. What an awesome privilege!

Break Open Your Wells by Maria Vadia contains many of the fundamentals biblical principles for getting free and staying free. These principles unlock the storehouse of God's Blessings and give us full access to the abundant life Jesus died to bring us. Scripture tells us that there is "nothing new under the sun." as Maria carefully traces the power of praise and worship through the Old and New Testaments, the readers will once again discover the timeless treasure God has left us as an imperishable inheritance. They will learn how to appropriate as their own certain power keys that will bring victory in every circumstance. It will not only be a journey of knowledge, but a personal encounter with the Living God, Who loves then and desires to share every part of His life with them.

Maria Vadia has embraced the radical call to discipleship, and this book reflects not only a profound grasp of scripture and biblical principles, but an experiential knowledge gained by countless hours of service to God in circumstance often trying and dangerous. As you read Break Open Your Wells you will not only break the bonds that have held you captive, but that you will be empowered to enter into the victory of Christ and usher in His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven!

Paperback 2008

Catholic Church and Church History