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Benedict XVI - Light of the World - The Pope, the Church, and the Signs of the Times


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A Conversation With Peter Seewald

Never has a Pope, in a book-length interview, dealt so directly with ; such wide-ranging and controversial issues as Pope Benedict ; XVI does in Light of the World. Taken from a ; recent week-long series of interviews with veteran ; journalist Peter Seewald, this book tackles head-on some of ; the greatest issues facing the world of our time. Seewald ; poses such forthright questions to Pope Benedict as: ;

  • What caused the clergy sexual abuse in the ; Catholic Church?
  • Was there a "cover up"? ;
  • Have you considered resigning?
  • Does ; affirming the goodness of the human body mean a plea for ; "better sex"?
  • Can there be a genuine ; dialogue with Islam?
  • Should the Church rethink ; Catholic teaching on priestly celibacy, women priests, ; contraception, and same-sex relationships?
  • Holy ; Communion for divorced-and-remarried Catholics? ;
  • Is there a schism in the Catholic Church? ;
  • Should there be a Third Vatican Council? ;
  • Is there any hope for Christian unity? ;
  • Is Christianity the only truth?
  • Can the ; Pope really speak for Jesus Christ?
  • How can the ; Pope claim to be "infallible"?
  • Is there a ; "dictatorship of relativism" today?

Twice before these two men held ; wide-ranging discussions, which became the best-selling ; books Salt of the Earth and God and the ; World. Then, Seewald's discussion partner was Joseph ; Ratzinger, head of the Vatican's chief doctrinal office. ; Now, Joseph Ratzinger is Pope Benedict XVI, the spiritual ; leader of the world's over one billion Catholics. Though ; Seewald now interviews the Pope himself, the journalist ; "pulls no punches", posing some of the thorniest ; questions any Pope has had to address. Believers and ; unbelievers will be fascinated to hear Benedict's ; thoughtful, straightforward and thought-provoking replies. ; This is no stern preachment or ponderous theological tract, ; but a lively, fast-paced, challenging, even entertaining ; exchange.

Hardcover, 2010

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