Archbishop Sheen’s Book of Sacraments by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

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His cause for canonization is progressing, and his videos and books are widely viewed and in persistent demand. But of all his writings, Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s most influential and practical guides, by far, were These Are the Sacraments and Three to Get Married.

These two books are once again available in this rich single volume, along with comprehensive commentaries by the late, revered Father John Hardon—themselves a powerful tutorial in how to read the great archbishop. “We cannot begin to guard our faith unless we understand what we believe,” notes Fr. Hardon.

Controversy was brewing and confusion sewn among Catholics by the time Sheen wrote these classics. He shies away from nothing, even while teaching traditional doctrine in appealing and unique prose. With Bishop Sheen and Father Hardon as your guides, you’ll learn:

Why no sacrament is “more significant” than any other, though their natures differ markedly

How Protestantism, even at its most alluring, undermines sound doctrine

Why the sacraments have both “power and efficacy”

How Baptism confers “the infusion of virtues”

How the sacramental rites in the early Church differed from now

How Christ Himself instituted each sacrament

The power and meaning of the tabernacle

The Old Testament roots of the Eucharist

How to “examine” your conscience

How the Last Rites expel sickness from the soul
The twelve dimensions of the sacrament of Holy Orders

The most critical spiritual strategies for married couples

The difference between Christian and non-Christian marriages