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Annulments and the Catholic Church, Straight Answers to Tough Questions


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By Edward Peters, JD, JCD

Few topics in the Catholic Church are more misunderstood than annulments. In Annulments & the Catholic Church, canon and civil lawyer Edward N. Peters answers common questions on annulments including:
● How is an annulment different from a divorce? ● Are there too many annulments granted today? ● Does the length of a marriage affect an annulment case? ● How do people begin the annulment process? ● Does a wedding between a Catholic and a non-Catholic require an annulment? ● Is alcoholism or physical abuse grounds for an annulment?
Many questions abound regarding annulments, which unfortunately touch the lives of many in the Church. Annulments & the Catholic Church provides concise answers from an expert on this difficult and misunderstood topic.

Paperback 2004

Catholic Church and Church History