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A Place for All - Ministry for Youth with Special Needs


By John E. Barone and The Monarch School

Every community has a growing population of young people with neurological differences. Too often, youth with conditions such as autism, Tourette's syndrome, and bipolar disorder find themselves left out of parish religious education and youth ministry programs. In the pages of this book you will find:

  • Information about many of the neurological differences that affect young people.
  • Tips for educating the entire community about these differences.
  • Advice on how to reach out to youth with special needs.
  • Practical steps to modify your facilities to meet the needs of youth with neurological differences.
  • Training tools for empowering volunteers to work with special-needs youth.

A Place for All opens a window into the challenging lives of children with neurological differences, the difficulties faced by the adults who work with them, and the shift in philosophy and methodology required for religious education professionals and volunteers to be able honestly to say, "There is a place for all in our community!"