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A Marian Bible Study - Bringing Scripture to Life for Moms


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By Laura Marie Wells

Who hasn't been there: you're late for one child's music lessons, another child's shoes are missing, the house is a mess, you're trying to make dinner before you leave... It's enough to make a mom cry - or laugh.

Mary, a saint and yet a mom, too, would have laughed at those inevitable moments when everything seems to go wrong.  Her life as a mother - and as a wife, a daughter, and a friend - is a perfect model for us today.Laura Wells, finds those connections between the Blessed Mother's life and ours.  A mom to three children herself, Wells includes her own tales from the front with warmth and humor.

At the same time, Wells exposes readers to the depth and breadth of what is known about Mary.  Her careful research is born of seven years' experience leading Bible studies.  Wells' detailed questions are designed to break open the topic so participants learn the facts as they grow to truly love our mother Mary.  Perfect for group or individual study.

Paperback, 2006

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