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  1. Irish Coat of Arms Plaque - Durkin Family

    Made in Ireland by Historic Families Ltd. This plaque is made of copper and hardwood and is hand painted by an Irish heraldic artist. It bears the Durkin coat of arms in a beautifully crafted display. Irish Gifts View page: Irish Coat of Arms Plaque - Durkin Family
  2. Ballyshannon Cross

    Ballyshannon Cross - 187 Ballyshannon is located on the western sea and at the mouth of the River Earne.  It is a magical, enchanting area in northwestern Ireland.  Families of wild swans swim on the sheltered estuaries.  Many of the... View page: Ballyshannon Cross
  3. Wexford Cross

    Wexford Cross - 234 Wexford lies on the estuary of the River Slaney.  The town was founded by the Vikings in about 800 AD and for about 300 years it was a Viking town, a city state, largely independent and... View page: Wexford Cross
  4. Slane Abbey Cross

    Slane Abbey Cross - 186 Above the village of Slane, the first Easter fire was lit by St. Patrick in 433 to symbolize the arrival of Christianity to Ireland.  A monastery was built on the Hill of Slane in the... View page: Slane Abbey Cross
  5. Lorn Cross

    Lorn Cross - 124 The Lorn Cross design was found in a church yard in a village in the district of Lorn, Scotland.  The knotwork running the length of the cross is endless.  It symbolizes the eternal theme – the... View page: Lorn Cross
  6. Aberfeldy Cross

    Aberfeldy Cross - 152 The knotwork in the center of the cross is a triad, which symbolized the trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  At the four points of the cross are rams horns, which are a variation of... View page: Aberfeldy Cross
  7. Manx Wheel Cross

    Manx Wheel Cross - 135 This cross design has the circle in the center symbolizing God, the motionless mover.  Although the wheel cross as a whole was originally a symbol of Christ derived from the Chi-rho monogram, it came to... View page: Manx Wheel Cross
  8. Inis, The Energy of the Sea, Cologne Spray, 30 ml, 1 fl. oz.

    Inis, the Energy of the Sea An ocean-fresh unisex scent that's clean and invigorating, Inis instantly refreshes and makes you feel close to the sea - no matter where you are. Inspired by the beauty and energy of the western... View page: Inis, The Energy of the Sea, Cologne Spray, 30 ml, 1 fl. oz.
  9. Cross of the Scriptures

    Cross of the Scriptures - 131 Perhaps the most gracefully proportioned of all the Irish High Crosses, this 9th century stone cross stands 13 feet high.  Monks used the interlinked panel of the scripture crosses like a picture book to... View page: Cross of the Scriptures
  10. Lisdoonvarna Cross

    Lisdoonvarna Cross - 223 Lisdoonvarna was established in Victorian times as a health resort.  Mineral rich waters flow down from the surrounding limestone and peat.  The town is now famous for its matchmaking seadon.  Wealthy families began meeting at Lisdoonvarna... View page: Lisdoonvarna Cross

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