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You Go, Girl - A Girl's Guide to Her God-Given Gifts


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By Cheryl Dickow and Teresa Tomeo

You Go, Girl! is written for late tween and early teen-aged girls. Although such topics as living a soulful life (what does it really mean to have a soul?), discerning a vocation (consecrated, married or single?), developing a prayer life (getting past boredom and into the good stuff!), living responsibly (financially and spiritually) with dignity and modesty, and finding the right role models (like St. Gianna Beretta Molla), makes You Go, Girl! a fun book for girls from 9 to 90! This is the sort of book grandmothers will enjoy reading with their granddaughters, godmothers will delight in giving to their goddaughters and moms will cherish seeing their daughters read. The fact is, no girl is immune to the messages of the culture and You Go, Girl! is consistent in its counter-cultural messages of dignity and worth. Encouraging all girls to discover how to embrace their feminine gifts and their feminine genius (excerpts from John Paul II’s writings help clarify these points), girls can truly discover their God-given gifts and live a more fulfilling life—a life intended by God. Chapters in this beautifully crafted color book include: A Soulful You Relationships The Real You Mindful of Media Messages Fashion, Skin, Hair and Makeup Financial Responsibility Role Models Virtues to Live By A Prayer Life Glossary You Go, Girl! is an ideal accompaniment to any religious education program for tween and teen girls.

Paperback 2011

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