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We Live: To Know, Love and Serve god


by Father Oscar Lukefahr, CM

Does life have purpose and meaning? Why are we here? We Live: To Know, Love, and Serve God offers clear answers from Scripture and the Catechism, everyday experience, common sense, and modern science. Written in an accessible and entertaining style, this book is perfect for personal reading and group study. It discusses such topics as:
- Reasons to believe in God
- Why many atheists become believers
- Down-to-earth ways of loving God
- God's blueprint for happiness: The Ten Commandments
- Sin, grace, holiness, and heaven

Fr. Lukefahr explains Section III of the Catechism-"Life in Christ"- with stories and examples to flesh out the Church's moral teaching in today's world. We Live has straight talk about such issues as abortion, social justice, and God's plan for marriage. The book includes questions for study and reflection, and practical activities to help us "know, love, and serve God."

Paperback, 2010

Jesus Christ