Swept Into Destiny


By Catherine Ulrich Brakefield

Forced to call each other enemies, can their love survive?

Maggie Gatlan may be a Southern belle on the outside, but inside she's a rebel. Then she meets the handsome, strong Irish immigrant Ben McConnell who captures her heart.

Ben is enchanted by Maggie's beauty and fiery spirit, but for him the South she so dearly loves represents the injustice and deprivation he left behind in Ireland.

As the country divides and Ben joins the Union, Maggie and Ben are forced to call each other enemies. Will their love survive or die on the battlefield of South against North?

Award-winning inspirational historical fiction author Catherine Ulrich Brakefield weaves fiction with real life events to create this antebellum romance, the first book in the Destiny series.

Buy Swept into Destiny today and be transported into the world of the Civil War South.

Paperback, 2017, author signed