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Sex Respect - Student Workbook


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By Dr. Coleen Kelly Mast

Coleen Mast's Sex Respect® educational program is a positive and down-to-earth program designed to provide teens with information and help them develop attitudes that have been overlooked by many other secular sex education programs.

The Sex Respect® program teaches teens that saying "no" to premarital sex is their right, is in the best interest of society and is in the spirit of true sexual freedom.

Developed over the years of practical use with teens, the Sex Respect® workbook communicates with teens on their terms, involving the teens, their parents and their teachers in interactive exercises, discussions and creative writing.

The curriculum defines human sexuality, recognizes influences on sexual decision making, identifies emotional, psychological, and physical consequences of teenage sexual activity; discusses dating guidelines; teaches how to say "no"; shows how to change former sexual behavior and explores the responsibilities of marriage and parenthood. It is being used at the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth grade levels. 

Paperback, 2001

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