Saint Monica, The Power of a Mother's Love

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By Giovanni Falbo

Using extensive excerpts from the writings of St. Augustine, notable for his Confessions, Giovanni Falbo sheds new light on St. Monica's patience, sweetness, and unwavering determination. This mother never yielded in her efforts to see her beloved son find comfort and peace in God, and she endured countless sacrifices and health risks in her quest to help Augustine embrace the faith. Monica's quiet wisdom and courage, coupled with her earnest tears and prayers to God, bore fruit she could only have dreamed of.

St. Augustine's words bring St. Monica to life and show her to be a mother who wanted the very best for her son. Falbo has created a biography filled with captivating story-telling elements that pull the reader into Monica's life, offering a rare look into the heart of a deeply caring, profound woman of God.

"Monica is a shining example for families today, bringing them courage and hope by guaranteeing that with the grace of God, good will, perseverance, any difficulty can be overcome in building a true Christian family founded upon the values of the Gospel."
Giovanni Falbo

Features & Benefits:

Includes an index of references to Monica within St. Augustine's works.
Features black and white photos of basilicas and churches honoring Monica and Augustine.
About the Author:

Fr. Giovanni Falbo was born in 1944. Ordained a priest in 1968, he is a scholar of the Church Fathers and of the first four centuries of the Christian era. He holds a degree in theology and was formerly a professor of patristics at the "Ut unum sint" ecumenical center. He helped to found the Regional Studies Institute in Ostia, where he was the first director and a professor of patristics and ancient Church history. Since 1977 he has been pastor of the large parish Church of Saint Monica in Lido, Rome.

Paperback 2007