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Making Virginity Possible - Book with DVD video


By Keith Deltano

Making Virginity Possible," by Keith Deltano, is not a textbook filled with theories, convoluted theology, and psycho-babble. Keith has spent 16 years on the front lines working with young people and has presented Sexual Abstinence programs to young people and parents throughout the United States.

This book will teach parents the following: • Why they may be in denial about the risk of sexual activity • How they have a powerful influence over their child’s sexual behavior • How to monitor their child’s social lives • How to use the home as a sanctuary • Why and how to monitor media input • Why and how to set curfews • The importance of the father-daughter relationship in regard to sexual activity • How to sell abstinence as a positive alternative • The relationship between your marriage and your child’s view of sex • How to dispel the misinformation that "Christians don’t like sex" • How a relationship with Christ is the ultimate weapon against premarital sexual activity.

Paperback 2003, includes DVD video