God Alone Suffices


By Slawomir Biela

"As we relinquish control over the helm of our lives, the words of Our Lady of Guadalupe touch us very deeply, speaking louder to us than anything else. When Mary appeared in 1531 to Blessed Juan Diego [canonized July 2002], an Aztec Indian who had converted to Christianity, she encouraged him in the midst of his difficult situations to seek his total support in her: 'LISTEN AND PUT IT IN YOUR HEART, MY SON, SMALLEST OF ALL, THAT IT IS NOTHING THAT FRIGHTENED OR AFFLICTED YOU. LET NOT WORRY PERTURB YOUR FACE, YOUR HEART. . . AM I NOT HERE, I WHO AM YOUR MOTHER? ARE YOU NOT BENEATH MY SHADOW AND PROTECTION? AM I NOT THE SOURCE OF YOUR HAPPINESS? ARE YOU NOT IN THE HOLLOW OF MY MANTLE, IN THE CROSSING OF MY ARMS? DO YOU NEED ANYTHING ELSE?' So, all of our struggles will remain difficult for us to bear as long as, believing in ourselves, we count on ourselves and seek human support. The arms of Mary, where we can find security and happiness, are in reality the arms of God Himself, who completely permeates the one whom the Church calls the Vessel of the Holy Spirit." --To Give Over the 'Helm' of Our Own Lives, GOD ALONE SUFFICES pp. 107-108.

EXCERPTS FROM THE AMERICAN FOREWORD by Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington:

“In his Apostolic Letter Novo Millennio Ineunte, His holiness Pope John Paul II affirms that the individual call to sanctity is the basis of the Church's action in this new millennium and that 'itineraries of sanctity [must be] personal and demand a true pedagogy.'”

“In GOD ALONE SUFFICES…the reader can sense the nearness of the Lord as the author presents a specific spiritual path which can help humanity on its journey to sanctity.”

“…this profoundly spiritual lay author offers a very precise guide to sanctity for couples and individuals who desire to grow in a deep, humble, clear and engaged faith.”

“I recommend GOD ALONE SUFFICES as a book well worth reading and a meditation well worth making.”

Hardcover, 2002

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