Evangelizing in the Midst of the Culture of Death 2-CD Set. CD RENTAL


Jeff Cavins

How do we bridge the gap between our faith and everyday life? How can we communicate the Catholic Faith in a way people can understand it? What resources does the Church give us to accomplish this vitally important task?

In this 2-part series, popular author Jeff Cavins answers these questions and more, pointing out that all of us are called to take part in the “new evangelization” spoken of by St. John Paul II. Jeff notes that the Church gives us a powerful tool to spread the Faith—the Catechism. It is in the four parts of the Catechism that we see the “four pillars” of our faith: Creed, Sacraments, Moral Law, and Prayer. These pillars show the profound interconnection of the Catholic truth and give us the framework we can use to share the truth with a desperate world.

During Vatican II, Pope Paul VI stated that “the separation between faith and everyday life is one of the gravest errors of our modern age.” After listening to this talk, you will be inspired and equipped to help close this gap and effectively present our Catholic faith to a desperate world.

2-CD Set.  RENTAL ONLY $2.00/2 weeks

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