Break-In at the Basilica - Adventures with Sister Philomena, Special Agent to the Pope

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By Dianne Ahern

Break-In At The Basilica is the second book in the series of Adventures With Sister Philomena, Special Agent to the Pope. This time the Pope sends Sister Philomena to Assisi to investigate a break-in at the Basilica of Saint Francis. Unable to leave her summer visitiors, niece Delaney and nephew Riley, alone at her convent, Sister Philomena has them tag-along. Eager to assist their aunt in a search for clues the children explore the basilica, study its frescoes, sneak into the tomb of St. Francis, wander through the hilltown of Assisi and end up at the little church of San Damiano. Every once-in-a-while they spot a wolf or hear its howl or feel its presence. Is it real or a spirit? Good or evil? What is it trying to tell them? A turn of events brings the Abbess of the Sisters of Saint Clare of Assisi into the center of the investigation. She helps to catch the thief and determine his unusual punishment. The personal stories of Saint Francis and Saint Clare and the sights and sounds of Assisi are woven into this great tale of adventure in Italy.

Paperbound 2006

Teen Mysteries