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America - Her People Her Stories Vol 1: The Battle of Bunker Hill - DVD


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On the morning of June 17, 1775 Colonial Patriots await a battle in the heights above Boston Harbor. approaching are the English Redcoats, the most feared fighting force in the world! Low on water and ammunition, the ragged band of farmers-turned-militiamen face a daunting task. Can they protect the freedom of a new nation? Would their faith and courage be enough? In this epic and educational DocuDrama, Producer/Director Tony Malanowski brings THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL to life and launches Light a Candle Films groundbreaking series, AMERICA: HER PEOPLE, HER STORIES, with a bang! Join the courageous defenders as you and your family take part in the first major conflict of the American Revolution, The Battle of Bunker Hill.

Special features
Scene Selections

DocuDrama: 60 minute narrative recreation with historical commentary.

Historical Perspective: 30 minute analysis of the colonial revolution in 11 segments.

On the Battlements at Dawn - Behind the scenes featurette with Producer/Director Tony Malanowski.

Production Overview with Star Michael Mack and interviews wit other cast members.

Great Presidential Moments: the full farwell address by President Ronald Wilson Reagan from 1989

DVD, 2011