And God Said, "Play Ball!": Amusing and Thought-Provoking Parallels Between the Bible and Baseball

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By Gary Graf

This book manages to be entertaining and educational, as well as fanciful and inspirational. It draws from the lives of Jesus Christ and Yogi Berra, Joseph of Nazareth and Joe DiMaggio, Moses and Hank Aaron, Saint Peter and Jackie Robinson. And God Said, "Play Ball!"makes the Bible more approachable by relating it to a game loved by both children and adults. It shows that baseball is not only a game, but a never-ending series of lessons about life, as well. And God Said, "Play Ball!" will appeal to Christian Athletes of any denomination.

The author has been a baseball fan for more than forty years and a Catholic a lot longer than that. He has played, coached, watched, or taught baseball since he was seven years old. He is very active in lay ministry and catechetics at his Catholic parish in Seattle, and has found both the Bible and baseball to be among the greatest teachers in his life.

This book includes 8 pages of timeless photographs. You won't find a more inspiring gift for that baseball player in your life--of whatever age--or that fan in front of your TV!

About the Author
Gary Graf has been a sports fan for more than 40 years and a Catholic longer than that. He holds a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of San Francisco and an MBA from the University of Washington. He has worked for the Big Cheese himself, having spent seven years in the employ of Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney Productions, where he served as a publicist and story editor.

Paperback, 2006

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